Beyond consultancy... action!

Praxis international provides advisory services on leadership and institutional transformation. We work with managers of public and private companies in France and abroad, as well as non-profit associations and international organisations.

Founded by David Gutmann and Jacqueline Ternier McConnico in 1989, our institution supports managers in facing their many challenges such as taking up a function and authority, succession, team building and the transformation of their institutions.

The team consists of advisers in leadership trained in the institutional transformation method and holding backgrounds in entrepreneurship, education, engineering, human resources, political science and history. Their professions contrast with those of managers, who have usually pursued engineering or business studies. This alterity creates the conditions necessary for a dialogue based on benevolence, efficiency, discipline and courage, all within a context of confidentiality.

Our approach takes all of an institution’s dimensions into account, whether they be economic, political, social, cultural or personal. Our advisers use them to create a synthesis aimed at outlining the various dynamics in the institution. As opposed to ‘ready-made solutions’, this work is materialised through ‘customised’ activities.

Our activities consist of individual support to managers, seeking out and reinforcing high-potential talent, individual and institutional diagnoses, team workshops and intercultural management.

For us at Praxis International, consultancy must generate transformation. Beyond consultancy, our mission is one of action.

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Key publications

  • greeting booklet

    Carte de vœux 2023

    Le thème de notre carte de vœux 2023 est l'«Alternative»

  • greeting booklet

    Carte de vœux 2021 - 2022

    Le thème de notre carte de vœux 2021/2022 est la «Contrepartie»

  • greeting booklet

    Carte de vœux 2020

    Le thème de notre carte de vœux 2020 est l'«Hospitalité»

  • research article

    Psychoanalytic Organizational Consulting: The Role of the Founding Trauma

    D. Gutmann avec S. Toral, "Psychoanalytic Organizational Consulting: The Role of the Founding Trauma", Psychoanalysis Inquiry, USA, May-June 2018.

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