Beyond consultancy... action!

As a leadership consultancy firm, Praxis international’s work is based on  institutional transformation. This method was developed through various articles and books (see our Publications) and is above all empirical. Our customised activities are also inspired by the ‘morphology’ of each institutional system.

Our approach is rooted in the works of W. R. Bion on conscious and unconscious processes, J. L. Moreno on sociometry, G. Berger on the systemic approach and E. Mounier on personalism.

Our practical method takes the cultural and organisational specificities of each institution into account. The work is fuelled by questioning and working hypotheses. This effort in discernment invites managers to become more conscious of the role they take on in their institutions, as well as the culture and dynamics therein.

The transformation of a manager’s role through the exercise of authority and leadership must trigger a transformation of the institution.