Beyond consultancy... action!

Sylvie Toral photo

Sylvie Toral

Adviser in leadership

After pursuing history studies, Sylvie moved on to management and administration, feeding her passion for upcoming and developing businesses with human beings as the cornerstone. She obtained a Master’s degree in change management at the International Institute of Management at the CNAM in Paris. However, this was not enough to fully satisfy her desire to understand human beings in their institutions, whether alone or in a group, as well as their past, present and future.

When Sylive met Jacqueline Ternier McConnico and David Gutmann in 2006, their approach to consultancy opened new avenues of exploration for her. The Leading Consultation training programme gave her the opportunity to add Institutional Transformation to her previously acquired skills set.

At present, Sylvie is an adviser in leadership. She is also a member of the reflection and network committees at Praxis International.


  • D. Gutmann avec S. Toral, «The Founding Trauma: Moving from Original Sin to TransformaCtion», Psychoanalysis Inquiry, USA, A PARAÎTRE